Monday, 3 March 2014


tolong aku. apa pendapat korang? terutama yang belajar course Law tu hehehe.

"Razak was a member of House of Representative (Dewan Rakyat), while Lim and Singh were senators (in Senate). not only they were good friends, they also lived as neighbors in a peaceful suburban area with a beautiful river at the backyard of their bungalows. once in a while they went boating and fishing on the river in Lim's private boat.

due to concern over destruction of coral reef and over-fishing of certain marine species, the Ministry of the Environment had proposed a bill to prohibit fishing in the terrestrial water surrounding Coral Island. Coral Island was a biodiversity rich ecosystem but  most of its population still lived in poverty. the bill was passed by the House of Representative and as a hard core environmental activist, Razak was one of the strong supporters of the new bill. however, when the bill reached the House of Senate, it was highly debated. Lim and Singh were among the adamant critics of the bill.

following their criticisms of the bill, Razak was very frustrated. he labelled Lim and Singh as environmentally irresponsible citizens and cut off all communication with them. out of rage Razak's behavior, Singh dumpedd a whole week of his domestic rubbish into Razak's bungalow compound. although Lim was also upset about Razak's behavior, he tried to calm himself by doing exercise that he loved most, kung-fu. one morning while doing exercise by the river side, he accidentally kicked gallons of oil that he had bought for his boat. the oil spilled into the river."

Analyze the hypothetical problem case above.

subject : Policy & Environmental Administration

p/s :: "sometimes I wanna disappear" - Houdini, Foster The People

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