Wednesday, 4 July 2012

it's coming.

it's july. yeah hello july. and it has been a while. what? i lost interest again in this blogging world. don't wonder why cause i never know.

well, i'm on my semester break. finished up my first year in that typical upm. i'm gonna have freshies and definitely we won't know each other. i'm gonna be called 'kak' again. haha. if there's any. anddd the most important part is, i only have 3 years to graduate and achieve my dreams to work on some money in order to support my family anddd my wedding. awwww :P but still a longgg way to go and a far journey to be passed through.

phew. my english. does it still best of the best like it used to be in classes back then in school? like 3 years, i left the competition between them. haha.

i spent my holiday quite wisely for about this 10 days. and i still have much time before 9 september. so, what did i do? should i tell ya fellas. heh maybe not now cause it's tiring. and for now, to me, sharing is scary. ahha. till then, goodbye.

p/s :: and you will always sell the fish, fishmonger.

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