Friday, 6 July 2012

Fearless Friday #1

wah title cannot gi. okay, this was taken a day before the last payyperr of second semester final exam by encik AA. Aidil Anuar. :) Saturday, 23 June 2012.

and this is the person who cooks almost everyday at home since she's not working to earn money. as Ramadan is near, she decided to stay at home and learn to cook because she's afraid that she cannot resign on Hari Raya anddd she wants to get married. (?) blahh.

she's strong. she's funny. she's adorable. she's beautiful as she is, in herself. she's Syaa. amboi naik lif tekan sendiri bak hang. edit je nampak lah cantik. wakaka. before aku start memfitnah diri sendiri lagi, i better stop. ciao! :P

nanti i nak berlagak dengan hampa semua apa yang i masak ehh. hahaha. macam dia sorang je tau masak. masuk garam pun mak tolong. booooooooooo =.='

p/s :: can't wait!

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